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Welcome to CTD!

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Greetings, Founding Members of CTD!
We're excited to have you here! Already our testing phase has been a productive round of bug squashing and infrastructure mending.

As you've already seen, the forums are fresh off the stove. Jon and I started CTD at the beginning of the year and the path has involved the twists and turns you'd expect when creating new things, notably during COVID. To have the forum where it is now, in testing with a small selected group that even include folks that I'm a fan of myself, is nothing less than fucking awesome.

It's tough to be in a fresh space. Jon and I will be doing different things to spark engagement over the next week. Any engagement, content, and feedback you contribute would be incredibly helpful and appreciated!

Here are some things that would help as CTD "beansprouts" into the big scary world:

  • Posting in the "For Sale" and "Wanted" forums
  • Instructing or asking about how to do something in #HowTo...
  • Sharing something you have or found that's fucking cool in #ShowOff!
  • Starting or participating in various oddities discussions in #LetsGetWeird
  • Notifying Admins of bugs and glitches you encounter
  • Confusing shit with how we've built or designed something
  • Feedback! Things you like, don't like, would like to see, suggestions, advice, emotional support, post in #ForumFeedback or direct message an Admin
Your Admins: Jon (@The Learned Lemur) and Mike (@LemurBear)

Above all, thank you so much for being here. Thanks for any patience and feedback, and we'll notify you as we change things and enter new phases.


Not open for further replies.