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A couple of folks have reported issues with posting images using the Insert Image and Attach Files buttons. After some testing, we're finding it might have something to do with the Drop Image script not playing right with some Android devices and their mobile browsers. We'll continue to test this functionality so definitely let us know if you're experiencing this. We're also

A couple of tips for mobile users experiencing this issue:

  • For whatever mobile browser you're using, clear the cache and cookies. Sometimes too many cookies make the tummy hurt. 😭
  • Force quit mobile browser, open CTD Forum in new window/tab, after clearing cache & cookies. 🍪
  • Hard reset device (we hate hearing about this troubleshooting step but it's a quick flush for memory-suckers leeching processor threads 🦇)
In case it's useful, here is a distinction between using attachments and images in the CTD Forums:
When posting threads, replies, comments, or conversations you have two ways to post files:


Use Attach Files for only non-image files. Since users will mainly be posting images instead of files, use the Insert Image in toolbar for posting images. It is important to note that the Drop Image element is optimized for desktop browsers to drag-and-drop images to upload. Alternatively, you can link to a URL where the image is hosted.