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How to write a social studies essay in 2021


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Disclosure of the problem​

This is the most important condition for successful essay writing. If the criterion "Disclosure of the meaning of the statement" is given 0 points, then all other criteria are also given 0 points. You must correctly identify the problem that is outlined in the topic, and clearly state what it consists in.

To solve the problem means to determine what the author of the quote wanted to say.
To understand this, put yourself in the place of the author and assume that you said it. And then ask yourself why you said it, for what reasons, and what exactly you wanted to convey by this statement.

In this case, the author is talking about such a problem as socialization. This is the process of forming a personality, the assimilation of culture and values of the society in which a person exists. The author draws our attention to the fact that without the society that surrounds us, we can not become full human beings. What we become in the process of socialization is largely determined by society. And in this sense, society is what we are.

To reveal the problem, we can speculate about the diversity of systems and values in different types of society. From the course of social studies we know that in traditional, industrial and post-industrial society different values may be accepted, which, in turn, have a determining influence on the development and formation of personality.

Where to go if you take social studies and history​

What is normal in that particular society becomes the norm for each of its members. All of this will fit the problem.

Theoretical Argumentation.
Is speedy paper legit? These are those theoretical statements of social studies that you use to explain your view of the problem.

You can also use thoughts, sayings, and ideas from thinkers of the past that relate to the problem as theoretical arguments.

In this case, you can write that, according to the theory of social studies, man is a biosocial being. Man has both a biological and a social nature. The biological part brings us closer to animals, the social part is what society makes us. Consequently, man becomes a person in the process of socialization.

Another variant of the theoretical argument: "Ancient Greek scholar Aristotle called man a political, that is, a social animal. A person can live only in society, outside of society - he/she is nobody. Society creates a person.

Factual Argumentation​

These are concrete examples from various spheres of public life, from the media, from your personal experience, from movies or from literature. In order to get the maximum 2 points on the criterion "Quality of social facts and examples", you need to give at least two detailed and supporting facts from different sources.

In this case you can use the example of the Maugli children as an argument. This is a well-known and well-studied phenomenon; several dozens of cases have been documented in which children were raised by wild animals from infancy for some reason. The children survived, but they did not become human in the full sense of the word: they had no articulate speech, they had not mastered walking on two legs, they were not capable of social communication. In other words, they had not developed a personality. This example illustrates the problem you formulated at the beginning of the essay: a person is shaped by the society in which he or she lives.

It is good if you give an example from literature that reveals the problem. In this case, anti-utopian novels such as George Orwell's "1984" or Evgeny Zamyatin's "We" would work.


As a conclusion, it is suitable to reason about the significance of the problem, its relevance and the consequences of ignoring different aspects of the problem. The public can be encouraged to pay more attention to the problem or to appreciate the importance of studying it.


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Social studies essays are often about a social issue that is currently happening in the world. It can be an event, a problem, an action, or a reaction to these events.

To write a social studies essay you need to:

- pick a topic

- research the topic

- make an argument

- use evidence to back up your argument

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I completely agree that disclosing the problem is the most important condition for successful essay writing. It is crucial to correctly identify the problem outlined in the topic and clearly state what it consists of. In the case of socialization, it is important to understand the process of forming a personality and the assimilation of culture and values in society. The author is pointing out that without the society that surrounds us, we cannot become full human beings.

When it comes to guest posting on Supreme Stories, this idea of socialization can be applied to the concept of being a guest author. By guest posting on Supreme Stories, you are participating in a community of writers and contributing your unique perspective and expertise to the website. Your thoughts, sayings, and ideas become part of the larger conversation and can have a determining influence on the development and formation of the website's readership.

As for the arguments, it's important to use both theoretical and factual arguments to support the problem. Using examples from various spheres of public life, from literature, and personal experience can help to illustrate the problem and make it more relatable to the readers.

In conclusion, guest posting on Supreme Stories is an opportunity to participate in a community of writers and contribute your unique perspective to the conversation. The significance of understanding the problem of socialization and its relevance in shaping human beings, should not be ignored. The website's readership can appreciate the importance of studying it through the guest authors' articles.