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  1. LemurBear

    sold Human Skull Perfect in condition Sold

    Beautiful skull wow! Dont forget this isn't facebook don't be afraid to post the price! Also Dont forget to post your location! Thanks and good luck!
  2. LemurBear

    Bone-framed illustrations

    @Ninthsteph Your work is so good! I'll DM you about a shop item!
  3. LemurBear

    Images & Attachments

    A couple of folks have reported issues with posting images using the Insert Image and Attach Files buttons. After some testing, we're finding it might have something to do with the Drop Image script not playing right with some Android devices and their mobile browsers. We'll continue to test...
  4. LemurBear

    Email Confirmations

    Hey Folks! One of the things I'm knee-deep in resolving is a set of email errors between us, our host, and the platform. Upon registration, post notification, announcements/notices, have any of you received ANY emails from senders related to the Collect The Dead forum? If so, can you post or...
  5. LemurBear

    Welcome to CTD!

    Greetings, Founding Members of CTD! We're excited to have you here! Already our testing phase has been a productive round of bug squashing and infrastructure mending. As you've already seen, the forums are fresh off the stove. Jon and I started CTD at the beginning of the year and the path...
  6. LemurBear

    Forum Rules

    Welcome to Collect The Dead! Here are the rules for using the forum. If it's found that these, or any of the Terms Agreement are violated and/or problematic, you'll be banned from CTD services. Don't be that asshole. Respect Collect The Dead works to create a respectful space for buyers...