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  1. The Bone Collector

    Raw Heads!

    @Tucker Pelts Awesome I'll Message you! Thanks!
  2. The Bone Collector

    Staying safe and making money during Covid

    It has been a weird year! We moved a lot of our sales online and we've been doing well, offering curbside pickup too. Im confident that shows and expos will only be aloud to open if they're safe, Im just worried about attendance. Will it be worth traveling if the attendance is too low or too...
  3. The Bone Collector

    Who's Got bats!?

    Looking for a few bats! Who's got them?!
  4. The Bone Collector

    Raw Heads!

    Looking for raw frozen heads. Small mammals, large too, Looking for everything really. Thanks!
  5. The Bone Collector

    My Prized Skulls

    Just have to show off a little bit now that I'm here, I collect mostly skulls but these have to be my favorites! Black Rhino and Poly and Steph my two faced cow!
  6. The Bone Collector

    SOLD! Dental Teaching Budget skull

    This is a really great skull at an even better price for a first time collector. It is a dental teaching skull from a dental school, it has been cut and has some glue, shows some damage but over all its an awesome piece. Shipping available to legal states asking $600 message with questions or...
  7. The Bone Collector

    ISO Human Torso and other Damaged bones

    Looking for a torso in any condition as well as any other human bones in any condition for a project. Damaged or broken, disarticulated legs, spines, arms show mw what you got!